Über dieses Blog

Until now the blog projects have been used to implement and test new features for other ones. One of the undesired consequence has been broken pages and links. To get around these and similar problems there is now the “Lab”.

Projektemacher Labs is a proving ground for existing and future Projektemacher blogs, the focus is on other media types (e.g. video), geographic information and IIIF extensions.

Since this page is used to test new functionalities, it can neither be guaranteed that the page will always work nor that experimental entries will be preserved. Not everything (as in almost nothing) is optimized for mobile devices. The links to individual posts should not be used for anything else as they are not stable. However, the knowledge gained will at some point be published on christianmahnke.de.


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The post-processing of the digitized images was carried out with ScanTailor Advanced.

OpenLayers is used to display single high resolution images, for books Mirador is used. The tiles were generated with libvips.

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Privacy policy

The privacy policy is available here.


“Projektemacher Labs” is a project by Christian Mahnke.

Contact is possible via E-Mail.