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Vintage VR

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Update spring 2024 This section is now a separate blog, where previously unseen images are also provided. In addition, functionalities like a display for red-green glasses and generated depth maps, have been added. Original post The category 1900 in 3D has been greatly expanded, there are now more stereograms and more output formats (MPO, anaglyphs) are provided. And the display in a simple 3D viewer that works with a cell phone such as Google Cardboard can now be realized via the integrated full-screen view in landscape format. Read More...


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Why JPEG XL? JPEG XL is a new format for raster images, in fact, is’s so recent (at the time this text was written) there haven’t even been an entry in the German Wikipedia. You can read there what exactly JPEG XL does differently or better than the well-known JPEG. We limit ourselves here to the advantages for the Projektemacher blogs: Less storage space required Lossless compression available Disadvantages are currently: Read More...


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Adding (and testing) redirect function.

Node Abhängigkeiten aus Themes

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Since the upgrade to a Hugo version above 0.75.0 there is an enhancement in the form of the command hugo mod npm pack to merge the node dependencies of a theme with those of a project.

To use this new feature, the dependencies of a theme must be saved in a file package.hugo.json instead of package.json, it is sufficient to simply rename the file created by npm or yarn. A symlink alone doesn’t work because Hugo’s virtual filesystem (intentionally) doesn’t work with symlinks.



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